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  • Wednesday, 03 December 2014

RCP Boisdale

Locals choosing RCP Shelters for their shelter needs!

We are mere weeks away from the start of winter, which means the unpredictable Canadian weather is on its way. While it may be the end to beach days, you don’t have to write-off outdoor activities completely.

RCP Shelters, the most diverse shelter manufacturer, ensures residents can continue enjoying their favourite parks, picnic tables and playgrounds by keeping them covered with their specialty shelters. Proven to withstand everything from the heaviest snow loads in the Rocky Mountains to 150 mph wind loads in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, many Canadian communities are installing RCP’s pre-engineered park structures to stay protected against strong winds, rain and snow.

Whether your project is small or large, custom or standard, RCP is sure to find the perfect shelter for your needs from its wide selection of laminated wood, all steel and fabric shelters. 

Need to see examples? If you are an Ontario resident, there’s likely an RCP Shelter near you! Check out some of the recent and coming installations across the province:

All Steel Shelters: The durable All Steel Shelters come in your choice of eight designs including Octagon, Hexagon and Gable, each with a powder coated tube steel frame with 5,000 hours of salt spray resistance. Pictured above is the contemporary All Steel two-tiered Gable Shelter installed at Boisdale Park in Ottawa.

In Toronto, five All Steel Hexagon Shelters are currently on order for delivery and installation for the East Parks Division in early 2015. (Example of Hexagon Shelter pictured 3rd below). These All-Steel constructions, with powder coated columns, frame and roof, were chosen after a report was adopted by the City of Toronto.

“In 2012 the City of Toronto commissioned Victor Ford & Associates Landscape Architects to perform a study and report for the City's requirements of Shade Shelters,” said Landmark Sales Associate Brian Bekkers. “At the end of the six month study, the report tendered by was written around RCP specifications and included all photos of RCP products.”

Bekkers added that the major reasons were attributed to RCP's:

Innovative designs: For example, on steel structures there are no exposed couplers.
Comprehensive warranty: Fully inclusive on all components.
Quality standards: All powder coat finishes are two and a half times thicker than industry standards.
Fully customizable range of products.

Fabric Shelters: Made from commercial 95 high-density polyethylene fabric, the Fabric Shade series provide a cost-effective solution to covering your project. Practical yet offers endless creative design functions, these shelters are perfect for shading play areas and courts. See an example of a semi-cantilever design below (2nd below) of a local installation at Chris Gibson Park in Brampton, ON.

Wood Shelters: A Laminated Wood Shelter is in the works for Cardinal Creek Park in Ottawa (Example of a Laminated Wood Open Knee Arch Shelter pictured 1st below). The arch series provides a premium, artistic alternative to the post and beam models and accentuates the surrounding architectural and natural backgrounds.

Landmark by Crozier, a division of Crozier Enterprises specializing in high-end site furnishings and construction castings, is a proud distributor of RCP Shelters products. If you are looking for the highest quality, longest lasting and most aesthetically-pleasing outdoor park shelter, Contact your local Landmark sales associate at 416.214.7727 to get your free construction specification with preliminary construction drawing.

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